Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a brief in support of President Obama’s DACA/DAPA executive action, which was slated to provide work authorization for millions of undocumented immigrants. In February of this year,  a federal court judge in Texas, Judge Andrew Hanen, entered a preliminary injunction barring the Department of Homeland Security from implementing the new DACA / DAPA programs. The DOJ’s brief not only requests a stay of the lower court’s injunction, but also challenges the entire lawsuit on its merits. Many legal scholars believe that Obama acted well within his constitutional presidential powers, and that the lawsuit will ultimately be decided in favor of the millions of immigrants desperately waiting to step out of the shadows. Immigration advocates view much of the measures taken by the anti-immigrant plaintiff states and Judge Hanen as nothing more than stall tactics and political theater. Being that the appeal is on the fast-track, there should be further new developments in the coming months. Oral arguments for the stay of the injunction are scheduled for April 17, 2015, and we will closely watch the progress of this case.