Potential DAPA and expanded DACA recipients have been bearing most of the weight of the nation’s indecisiveness concerning immigration reform. However, even current recipients of the 2012 DACA program experienced some setbacks. DACA recipients who recently renewed their DACA status and employment authorizations for three years are receiving letters from USCIS retracting the approvals. The letters notify the renewal recipients that they should have only been approved for two years. USCIS goes on to say that it re-opened their cases to adjust the approvals and work authorizations to two years. But that’s not all. USCIS  further demands the return of the three year employment authorization documents and approval notices. The agency goes on to warn that failure to return these documents could result in “adverse action in your case.” The demand and threats of adverse action are followed by a statement explaining that USCIS erroneously granted three year approval notices and employment authorizations after the court’s injunction in the contentious case, Texas v. U.S.